ROOT & BLOOM really got it's start in 2016 when we launched a small mother food company and pop up plant-based restaurant in Buffalo out of a small commercial kitchen space in the heart of Elmwood village. The Pop-up, IMPROVEGED, grew quickly and we were soon doing six course dinners for up to 40 people a night around Buffalo. We set out to show people that plant-based food didn't have to be bland, simple, or just a "salad." Soon people were demanding our "secret" recipes and asking where they could get more of our food. Although some of IMPROVEGED biggest fans were asking if a restaurant was even in the works, we knew it wasn't the right time in our journey for such a big commitment and investment. 

So we left Buffalo, our hometown, and headed on a year long adventure. One to discover ourselves and to indulge in plant-based flavors found around the country. In a fully converted cargo van that we lived in for a year, we gathered our ideas and recipes. Attached to some of our favorite spots, in our favorite states, our menu is 'us' and our experiences. Our restaurant has a west coast vibe, paired with east coast comfort, just like our family.

So, ROOT & BLOOM was born. We were heading back to our roots to make something bloom, just like our ingredients are rooted in the earth and bloom into something wild and perfect. 

We promise to bring you food that is 100% plant-based, free of processed ingredients, as local and organic as we can source, and won't leave you craving something more on your plate. Well ok, maybe you will want seconds or dessert.