a conscious collection…

A curated collection of the most conscious goods, including our own line of market items. From our cultured-cashew yogurt, with no extras and sweetened with just a hint of coconut sugar, to our slow-dried jackfruit jerky, perfect for road-trips and snacking alike, we ensure the items that come into your home are as healthy as they are deeply satisfying. 

Even more, in our travels across the country, we've had the absolute pleasure of meeting passionate people who are delighted by their craft. We love stocking our market section inside of Root & Bloom with kind and compassionate goods, that are suited to your lifestyle and home needs. Hand crocheted market bags, natural and cruelty-free apothecary, goods from the hand & heart; and mothers and fathers who create magic with fibers and wares. We want to help support the good in this world, and help bring it to you. 

MRKT items are available at the cafe for pick up or available through a weekly order program, which you can sign up for below.