Welcome to Root & Bloom Summer 2019!

 We have spent a lot of time thinking about what works and what doesn’t about our little space on Elmwood and we are excited to bring you the new Root & Bloom!

Root & Bloom Cafe will be going back to Cafe Style!

Come in and order at our counter, grab a table and relax. Water and silverware will be found at your table. Our servers will still be around to take care of you if you need anything.

No Reservations Needed!

We will no longer be taking reservations for regular services. If we are doing any special events, we will announce special reservations for those days. Just come on in and order and grab your table. If there is a long line, we will have a waitlist. You can add your name right on our homepage or by calling us up.

New Menu & New Hours!

Starting May 3rd, we are starting to roll out our Summer menu. We will be launching new menu items each week throughout the month of may. towards the end of may, with the opening of our back patio, we will be bringing you a new set of summer hours. Keep an eye out on our social media for that.

Weekly Specials!

We are striving to bring you some of the most innovative local plant-based food in Buffalo. We will be bringing you different specials each week, including drink specials. Check our specials board at the counter, ask our host, or check our instagram page for what we are serving up.